Paranormal Research and Investigation of Source Materiel (PRISM)

Fight waves of enemies as you make your grand, or short-lived, escape using dice in this casual roguelike. Upgrade yourself with science-fiction-inspired weapons and gadgets scattered among your enemy's remains as you unravel your mysterious origin and blast your way to freedom.



  • Click "Acquire" to pick up Upgrades.
  • Click "Activate" to use Upgrades.
  • Activating an Upgrade consumes one action.
  • Click on rolled Dice and then click on enemy dice to reduce their value until they are destroyed.
  • Click on rolled Dice and then click on Upgrades to Charge them prior to activating them.
  • Click "End Turn" once all actions have been consumed and all dice have been placed.
  • The game ends when an enemy attacks your Battery Cells and you have none remaining.


  • Some Upgrades consume Battery Cells to activate.
  • Upgrades with a "+" at the bottom can be enhanced by acquiring a copy of it.
  • Right-Click to cancel Upgrade enhancements and selections.
  • Mouse over items for a quick tooltip. Hover mouse over items for more information.
  • Programs grant permanent player stats and can be acquired every few turns.


  • Enemies deal damage equal to the number of hit dice (including effects) on them.
  • Enemies will attack the armor value on Upgrades first before they attack the player's Battery Cells.
  • Some enemies have effects that trigger when specific criteria are met.


  • Bosses can not be destroyed until all other enemies are destroyed


Plasma Cannon destroys an enemy, but consumes 2 Battery Cells and is Limited-Use.


Some upgrades simply roll dice that can be placed on enemies to defeat them.

Activate Blaster to roll two dice valued 1-2.
Upgrades with an arrow at their center require a die to be placed prior to activating their powerful effects. Upgrades with a lightning bolt at their center charge when specific criteria is met.

Place a value 4 die on Blaster Drone to deal 2 damage four times to random enemies.
Upgrades have varying status/effect icons, such as:
>Taunt - Enemies target Upgrades with taunt first
> Single-Use - These Upgrades can only be used once
> Limited-Use - These Upgrades can only be used a specific number of times

E.M.P. Grenade can only be used once to prevent an enemy from activating its effect for 2 turns.
Modifiers enhance your other Upgrades by modifying their base states, or giving the dice they roll special effects.

Modify an upgrade with Vampiric Plasma to roll dice that restore battery cells when they are used to destroy an enemy.


Enemies deal damage equal to the number of hit dice on them (their health) and indicated by the icon to the right of their name.

The Alien Warrior will deal 1 damage to the player.
Some enemies have effects that trigger during specific times as indicated by the colored dot at the top right corner of the icon. Effects count toward damage calculation.

Green - On Spawn
Blue - On Turn
Red - On Attack
White - On Destroyed

The Drone will activate its ability On Turn and grant an ally Barrier. With Barrier, the Drone will deal 3 damage to the player.
Bosses can not be destroyed, but their hit dice can be reduced to mitigate the damage that they deal.

The Hacker boss has the Piercing effect, which ignores player Upgrades when attacking (hits player Battery Cells directly). The Hacker has been granted Cover by an ally.

Choose an Avatar to appear more...human? Each portrait has a story behind it (later update), which is only available when you're wearing their skin?

Game Developed by An Empire Studios


Twitter: @AnEmpireStudio1